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Field Guide to the Birds of Rancho Lobos

Rancho Lobos - Birds

Rancho Lobos comprises over 23,000 Hectares of natural Sonoran Desert habitat. Ranging from the bast planes of the La Arivaipa plateau, ideal for grazing, to the hills of Sierra Lobos home of the Big Horn Sheep.

Rancho Lobos reminds you that it is very important to contribute with the program for bird sightings "eBirds", in cooperation with Audubon, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and CONABIO, thus, we encourage everyone to report their local bird observations to eBirds. Birds that have been identified within Rancho Lobos can be reported and/or researched by checking the location of Los Lobos Sonora, México.

What kind of BIRDS can be seen in the region?

The following compilation is provided as a partial list of the region's species.

Vultures, Hawks, Falcons, Guans, Quails, Plovers, Pigeons, Cuckoos, Owls, Nightjars, Swifts, Hummingbirds, Trogons, Motmots, Woodpeckers, Flycatchers, Larks, Swallows, Crows & Jays, Titmice, Wrens, Gnatcatchers, Thrashers, Wagtails, Silky Flycatchers, Shrikes, Starlings, Werblers, Euphonias, Blackbirds, Emberizidae, Cardinals, & Finches.

* Winter visitor Only
** Summer Visitor Only
ImageCommon Name
Spanish Name
Scientific NameLenght (in)
N.Beardless Flycatcher
Mosquerito Lampiño
Camptostoma Imberbe4"
Willow Flycatcher
Mosquerito Pálido
Empidonax Traillii5"
Gray Flycatcher
Mosquerito Gris
Empidonax Wrightii5" *
Eastern Phoebe
Papamoscas Fibí
Sayornis Phoebe6" *
Say's Phoebe
Papamoscas Boyero
Sayornis Saya7"
Vermilion Flycatcher
Pyrocephalus Rubinus5 1/2"
Olivaceous Flycatcher
Copetón Común
Myiarchus Tuberculifer6 1/2"
Ash-Throated Flycatcher
Copetón Cenizo
Myiarchus Cinerascens7 1/2"
Nutting's Flycatcher
Copetón Acahualero
Myiarchus Nuttingi7"
Cassin's Kingbird
Madrugador Chilero
Tyrannus Vociferans8"
Horned Lark
Alondra Cornuda
Eremophila Alpestris7"
Purple Martin
Martín Azul
Progne Subis8"
Tree Swallow
Golondrina Invernal
Tachycineta Bicolor5 1/2" *
Violet-Green Swallow
Golondrina Verde
Tachycineta Thalassina4 1/2"
N.Rough-Winged Swallow
Golondrina Aliasserrada
Stelgido Serripennis5"
Bank Swallow
Golondrina Ribereña
Riparia Riparia5" *
Barn Swallow
Golondrina Tijerilla
Hirundo Rustica6" **
* Winter visitor Only
** Summer Visitor Only

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