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Since 1989 Rancho Lobos has included in its integral sustainable forestry management program a forestry protection plan, such that it will allow us through time to improve in quantity and quality the natural resources in the Ranch. Thus, insuring a sustainable management.
This program comprises diverse field activities and the coordination with government institutions, directed to reduce any possible negative impacts generated by the management programs in use. Also, to prevent and deter furtive activities and mitigate itīs effects. To this end, we are coordinating surveillance activities with government institutions such as PROFEPA, added to the support of programs coordinated by institutions like SEMARNAT, CONAFOR and SAGARPA, to conduct preventive field works.
In 1989 field work was geared toward extracting dead/dry material from mesquite trees available in the property (as shown in the picture to the right). This, with the purpose of transforming dead woods into charcoal mainly for export.
Furthermore, this practice has allowed the regeneration and stimulated renewed growth on trees intervened by the program (as shown in the lower left picture).
In 1997-98, with the support from programs of "Alianza Para el Campo" (SAGARPA), a reforestation pilot project was conducted with species of both, mesquite and iron wood, in an effort to mitigate the negative effects registered due to the furtive activities of clandestine wood gatherers. Hence, a rustic green house module was installed to produce plants from seeds, applying fitoregulators, obtaining excellent results. What's more, this project was selected in 1998 as one of the successful experiences in the State (2601).
Additionally, we have coordinated surveillance activities with agencies like PROFEPA and Rancho Lobos personnel. Establishing operatives and field inspections on and off season to prevent and deter furtive activities. To date, illegal activities have been reduced considerably, although they have not stopped. Mainly due to the lack of wire fences along the highway as it passes through the Ranch, which have been vandalized by illegal wood gatherers.
Currently, a sponsorship program is being implemented to rebuild fences along the highway, given the cost of $1,000 Dlls. per kilometer for materials and installation. If you or your organization wish to sponsor one kilometer of fence along the highway (road 36 North, Hermosillo - Puerto Libertad), please contact us at Rancho Lobos.

More recently, institutions like CONAFOR trough itīs Forestry Development Program (PRODEFOR) has provided support to carry out field work, complementing dead woods extraction work, to mitigate soil erosion effects. Therefore, on a pilot area of 2,000+ acres (1,000 hectares), as mesquite dead woods are extracted, a cleaning and arrangement of residual material is performed, creating a barrier around the area intervened. Hence, preventing air and rainīs erosion effects on soil, plus, it concentrates humidity during rainy season stimulating vegetation regeneration. This is illustrated in the images shown below of field work performed in 2003.

In June 2003, government officials from CONAFOR visited Rancho Lobos to inspect and evaluate the progress of our protection field work. Having finished with more than 75% of field work in the pilot area, they expressed their content with our program. Further more, Rancho Lobos obtained high remarks and praises for its forestry protection program.

For more information or to support our protection efforts, please contact us at Rancho Lobos

Results obtained to date under the forestry protection program at Rancho Lobos

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